Mera Sultan Drama Serial Information And Story Turkish drama dubbed in Urdu

Mera sultan is a Turkish drama dubbed in Urdu and presented on new drama channel Geo Kahani this channel is famous for dramas any many of other dramas are transmitted. Mera sultan is
famous serial it has many characters each has its own chararistic sltan Suliman is a king of three stats. He is Turkish king this story revolves round many characters every character perform artfully. Suliman is brave determined and focused minded person his is very strong and has five sons one of daughter and
other are sons. One son from Mah e Doran and other five kids from Hurram Sultan’s who is favorite wife. Other family members and Calfas and Agas. Khazina Sultan is a dear sister of Sultan and wife of Ibrahim who is State Wazir e Azam and close friend of Sultan and like brother he has kids from Khazina one daughter and son. Sultans mother look after household affairs with the help of Daya Khatoon,Sumbul Aagha, Nigar Calfa Gull Aga and Shakar Aga. This story runs controversies among family members evey day new issue appears which makes story more interesting. Huram sultan wants that his son become the next king of
the state but Mustafa Mah e Doran’s son who is the elder son of sultan has right for next king both queens creates disturbance for their purpose. They make propagandas against each other’s which creates suspense in story.    


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