Due to these new law two Pakistani women, 34 years old Kausar and 29 years old Komal tied in marriage relationship. Both wear bridal dresses and fell in the relation of marriage in the Lead’s council registration office along with their solicitor and two Pakistani friends. These two girls studied in Punjab University, Pakistan.
Both girls knew each other for three years and are students of Business and Health Care Management. Speaking to the media Kausar said that this country provides us chance to live with freedom and decided their fate personally. In Pakistan people are bound with society and cannot take such type of decisions as we took in London.
Komal said that I love my partner without keeping in mind what sex her is. We live with each other and share our problems. The Civil Partnership Act 2004 in the UK gives same-sex couples rights and responsibilities identical to civil marriage.
However in Islam it is not allowed to do homosexual marriage. Only others societies and religions can gave relaxation of such marriages except Islam.

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